iKuddle Review as A Simple and Practical Self-Cleaning Litter Box

iKuddle Review as A Simple and Practical Self-Cleaning Litter Box

The iKuddle review below might help you if you’re currently looking for a self-cleaning litter box. A litter box for a cat needs to be scooped at least once a day – and it might require more if you have more than one feline pet, or if they have special circumstances such as frequent grooming or certain illness. Now, a self-cleaning litter box is a tool that works automatically to scoop the waste several times a day.

An automatic litter box with good quality can scoop frequently without causing spills or backs up, runs quietly, and is spacious enough for majority sizes of cats. You don’t have to manually scoop their mess again – so the pet care can go easier and simpler. Below is the iKuddle litter box review regarding of its features that you can read.


iKuddle will separate the waste out from the litter automatically by scooping the junk into waste bag. This feature activates itself once your pets out from the box. It can also be activated and set up through the iKuddle application to adjust the time for daily self-cleaning.


This litter box filters the air inside to lessen unpleasant odors. This freshen feature comes from the carbon-filter that works in entirely covered waste bin about five minutes after the pet leaves the iKuddle. It can be activated from smartphone application as well simply by pressing single button.

Health Tracking

The next laid out feature on iKuddle review is related to your pet health condition. If they are gone through habits changes, in bathroom or eating, this will be monitored by the smartphone application. You can also see the health insight, feeding schedule, and other related information there.

Automatic packing

If the waste bag is already full, then you’ll get notified by iKuddle application. You just have to press a button that’s available on litter box to activate this feature. The lid would open automatically whenever the enclosed waste bag is ready to be disposed. Once it has discarded the waste bag, a new one will be provided as replacement automatically.

This self-cleaning litter box must be deep cleaned at least once a month, or whenever the litter bed is replaced with a fresh one. To clean its component, you might use mild detergent, soap or disinfectant spray. Hopefully the iKuddle review above can help you decide if this automatic device is a purchase with good money value by considering its features.

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