Indestructible Dog Crate Pads: 5 Product Recommendations to Buy for Long Lasting Pads

Indestructible Dog Crate Pads

Wondering if there are kind of indestructible dog crate pads? Good for you because this article will bring you such information about dog crate pads, especially if your canine fellow has been a bit ‘naughtier’ by chewing its own couch. Never have your house be filled with such shredded cushion anymore. With a little investment, trick your dog with a new, scratch-resistant comfy pad. Below is the list of five recommended indestructible dog crate pads that is worth your money.

Milliard Orthopedic Memory Dog Bed

Ranging from $27-68, amazingly this product gains many people’s good review. The bed’s cover is washing machine friendly and is equipped with a side zipper – smartly designed so that the chewer doesn’t rip it off. The bed is composed of two layers of dense foam. As its name suggests, the memory foam (2-inch layer) is layered over the dense foam. This will make the bed not flatten quickly. Plus, it’s waterproof too.


Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Crate Pad 

Another orthopedic dog crate, and also a tear-resistant one come from Big Barker. If your canine fellow sleeps inside its crate, then getting this pad will bring you great relief. Besides suitable with the size of your dog’s crate, it is smartly designed to be tear-resistant. Completed with its waterproof feature, you can easily wipe away any liquid without having any stain left.


JoicyCo Dog Crate Pad

With various elegant colors to choose, this dog pad comes with three different sizes. The available sizes are 35, 42, and 47 inches. Even from the very first sight, the pad seems to be so comfortable and soft – surely will also bring comfort to your dog. This will suit light to medium chewers.


K9 Ballistics Crate pad

This K9 Ballistic crate pad is designed for light and medium chewers. With its ripstop ballistic fiber, the product claims to be tear-resistant and waterproof product. No messes and odors will be trapped in the pad. You will not find any hassle too when it comes to wiping off hair or washing it. The bed is made from thermal polyester, so don’t worry – that will keep your dog warm during cold times.


Slumber Pet Dog Bed

The last nominee in this best indestructible dog pads is the bed by Slumber Pet. Good thing is this bed also made from polyester ripstop fabric. The bed can be used inside the crate or out – the choice is yours. Ranging from $67-74 for 2 different sizes, counting on this product doesn’t seem to be a bad idea.

All of these products will be suitable if there’s a chewer in your house. But not all perfect for heavy chewers. Also, before you buy make sure that you choose the perfect size of those indestructible dog crate pads to keep the comfort of your dog.

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