Is Dog Heart Murmur Coughing Dangerous? What Should You Do If Your Dog Faces It?

Is Dog Heart Murmur Coughing Dangerous.

Ever heard of dog heart murmur coughing? Well, you may begin to wonder what kind of health condition it is, especially since it is not commonly known as a normal thing happening in dogs. Coughing itself is a normal condition, but when it is combined with heart murmur, it is something that requires attention.

In humans, coughing itself is a way to expel ‘foreign objects’ from the throat. While it is a beneficial act to do by humans, dog heart murmur coughing is a telltale that a dog—one with heart murmur—is facing heart failure.

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What is heart murmur, by the way? It can be defined as a health condition in which there is an abnormal sound occurring in the blood flow. As professionals mentioned, the normal sound of heartbeat should be solid, resembling what they mentioned as “lub-dub” sounds. However, if your dog is having murmured heart sound, the sound is more into swoosh instead of such solid lub-dub.

What does it indicate? It can indicate various things, such as:

    • Any abnormalities of the heart structure, or
  • Heart disease

In dogs, this murmuring sound is graded from 1-6: 1 is the faintest sound heard while 6 represents the loudest sound heard. That said, the louder the sound is, the more severe the condition it is. However, despite the faint sound, that’d be great to have your dog routinely checked for its health condition.

Now what if your dog is known to have a heart murmur, and now it coughs frequently like never before? You need to make an appointment as soon as possible with your dog’s vet. During the time being, you should check your dog for these symptoms below (aside from coughing persistently).

  • Persistent loss of appetite,
  • Bluish gums,
  • Exhaustion and inactivity

Given that you have known that your dog is having dog heart murmur cough, it becomes important to make an impromptu appointment with your vet. Otherwise, it can be a condition that degrades your dog’s overall health.

You may wonder how you could distinguish the cough from heart failure and other causes. It is quite easy to notice if you often monitor your dog’s breathing. In heart failure, its breathing becomes quicker—hence why it becomes harder for it to sleep soundly.

The alteration in breathing frequency is caused by the enlarged heart. This condition is often accompanied with an inability to pump blood to the lungs since there is fluid accumulation in both lungs. Trachea is also suppressed since the heart is getting enlarged.

To what extent the fast breathing requires a medical intervention? If your dog’s resting breathing frequency comes up to 40 times per minute, then it should ring the light that you should visit a vet quickly—especially if there is dog heart murmur coughing as well.

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