Kennel Cough Contagious to Humans and How It Can Infect People

Kennel Cough Contagious to Humans and How It Can Infect People

As a dog parent, have you ever questioned, “Is kennel cough contagious to humans?” You may already have taken some measurements to ensure that your canine doesn’t catch the disease. But the question is can humans get the virus? Should one take special precautions? Kennel cough is one of the common infections in dogs’ respiratory systems. It is mostly caused by several viruses and bacteria inhaled into the airway. However, bordetella is one of the most common bacterial causes of this illness. It not only leads to respiratory conditions in dogs, yet it also has the possibility to affect pigs, cats, rabbits, and other mammals.

If your four-legged companion has this disease, their bronchial or tracheal wall usually will swell. It will lead to the narrowness of the upper respiratory tracts. So, is dog kennel cough contagious to humans? The answer is yes. Although the case of people who suffers from kennel cough is considerably rare, it does not automatically mean that the disease cannot infect humans. The bordetella bacterium—the main bacteria of this disease—is the one that is able to be passed to the humans’ respiratory system. However, it will mostly infect those with weak immune systems.

While kennel cough contagious to humans, it’s not only dogs that can pass the disease on to people. This has been proven by research performed in 1995 that examined a lady infected with the illness four times in two years in a row due to her close contact with rabbits. The study also reaffirms that a person can also suffer from the kennel cough without having to be in direct contact with the animals that carry the disease. Symptoms of this illness in humans often included a sore throat, difficulty in breathing and swallowing food, a dry cough, and other common symptoms of respiratory infections. However, in several cases, the symptoms of kennel cough are rather severe that some patients might not have the capability to fight against the disease due to further complications.

It is important to note that those who were infected by this kennel cough are the ones who had already suffered from other severe, long-term health conditions. Therefore, they tend to show more severe symptoms, and it often becomes tougher to treat. Since you already know that kennel cough contagious to humans, it would be best to immediately contact your doctor once you suffer from one of the symptoms or have recently been in contact with an infected mammal.

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