Kitten Crusty Eyes Home Remedy to Try First before Bringing Them to Vet

Kitten Crusty Eyes Home Remedy to Try First before Bringing Them to Vet

Kitten crusty eyes are something common to happen in new-born cats. The eye condition is caused mostly by viral infection. If the situation goes untreated, their eyes will be shut completely, and they are matted, so it will be so hard for the owner to open up the eyes. Before bringing the cats to vet, though, you can attempt these methods below to cure the crusty eyes.


Warm Water and Clean Cloth

Well, the first thing you can do to clean all those crusts on kitten eyes is by making warm compress. Soak some clean, soft cloth in warm water. Then, use it as compress as you press down the kitten’s eyes gently. The crusts will surely fall off a few minutes later, and you can clean them up using another clean cloth.


Distilled Water and Cotton Balls

You need to prepare distilled water as it is safer and so pure to the delicate kitten eyes. In addition, use the small-sized cotton balls. You need to soak the cotton balls in distilled water for a couple of minutes. Then, squeeze the balls and dab them on the kitten crusty eyes. Make sure all crusts are softened, and you can wipe them way.


Using Sterile Eyewash

Eyewash is widely available in pet shops. When you are using eyewash to clean up the crust, you have to do that really carefully, and make sure the tip of eyewash is not touching the eyes. If it does, the entire bottle of eyewash will be contaminated, and it must be thrown away, which is not something you want to do for any reasons.


Homemade Honey Eyedrop

As we know, honey is a natural ointment for basically everything as it contains antibacterial properties. Honey can be turned into eye ointment for kittens by mixing a few tablespoons of honey with distilled water. Mix them well, and make sure the consistency is quite runny, resembling store-bought eye drops. Use pipets to drop the mixture into the kitten’s eyes.

Even though the home remedies as mentioned above are available, you just cannot take the eye condition for granted. Vet’s treatment is still needed for sure, and you just have to bring the cat to vet, especially when none of those methods mentioned above are working properly. Do not risk your cat’s eyesight, and treat the kitten crusty eyes according to the vet’s suggestions.

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