Know What Termite House Tenting is and What Things You Need to be Aware of before the Procedure

Know What Termite House Tenting is and What Things You Need to be Aware of before the Procedure

Do you know what termite house tenting is? Dealing with termites can probably be one of the most difficult tasks in the world. How so? Even after local fumigation, termites can still come and attack us without us knowing that they still have their base somewhere unknown to our eyes. This is definitely disturbing, isn’t it?

That’s why termite tenting comes to play. This pest fumigation technique offers you house-size fumigation – meaning that your house should be vacated first before the trick is applied. Just like its name implies, if you decide to take termite tenting service, you will need to place a huge tent which size is big enough to ‘glove’ your house.

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Before tenting your house, as mentioned earlier, you need to make the house to be vacant for some days. It may even go up to a week – depending on the size of your house, the dosage of the fumigation, level of termite infestation, temperature, and many other factors that only the service provider knows what to do. Given that you need to leave the house just to get the house ‘cleaned’ from disturbing little animals, it will surely give you some sort of discomfort.

There are basically two types of termite house tenting in terms of the method used. You may choose to tent your house and rely on chemical termiticide gas, or simply involving termite-terminating heat. Any methods among these two will work effectively, but of course there is pros and cons of doing so. One good example is that, using chemical gas will risk you inhaling toxic chemical, while heating may take longer time compared to the former method.

As the homeowner, you should be aware of these aspects before tenting your house:

  • It may cause inconvenience since you need to ‘evacuate’.
  • The overall service can be relatively costly
  • The prep work is overwhelming for some as you ought to remove medicine, pets, plants, cosmetics, and any open containers before the tenting takes place.
  • Gas service and electric appliances should also be sent away during the service.
  • Most of all, this termite termination method does not assure you that the pest won’t come back. To wrap it up: termite tenting is not a prevention method.

You may wonder what kind of health effects of tenting given that you read about that just earlier. Tenting can be considered dangerous, but it is not strong enough to kill human. After the procedure, you may expect to ‘meet’ sulfuryl fluoride, the gas required along the process.

This gas is a depressant to our central nervous system and isn’t considered as lethal. But still, this gas from termite house tenting can be dangerous to your pets even after the house is said to be safe enough.

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