Knowing Deeper of Brightwood Demon Door in Fable 2

Brightwood Demon Door

Brightwood demon door is one of the trickiest demon doors in Fable 2. The messages you receive to unlock it are vague, and you must be frustrated to go back and forth to town to acquire the items you thought will work; only for the door to ignore you. So follow these steps.

Going to the door

The door is located in the southwest area of Brightwood, near the lake. Once you arrive at the door, it will immediately tell you to go away and that there’s nothing to find here. Don’t worry as this is just one of tricks the door will try, so you will go away.

First Request

Once the door realizes you aren’t going away, it is going to ask you to get him a cheese. If you already have cheese in hand, it will continue to another request. If you don’t, just go to a merchant to purchase one. It doesn’t matter what rating your cheese has, but if you are experiencing problems just bring a higher rating one.

Second Request

Now, it is going to ask you for a specific hairstyle. Normally, it would ask for dreadlocks and mutton chops. But, if you happen to have one of those hairstyles, it would change it to Mullet and handlebar mustache. However, this varies a lot and there might be a randomness factor to it. These four styles are the most commonly requested. You can get those in any hairdressers, such as the one in Bloodstone or Knothole Island (if you have the DLC).

Third Request

Now, this is getting annoying, but don’t let it get to your head. It would ask for specific clothing for your character. This pretty much varies between each play. Most common ones are a corset, yokel hat, and tart skirt. Other commonly requested clothing is bandit bandanna, noble trousers, and gent’s shirt. When it asks you for “posh clothing”, this meant that you have to wear fancy clothes. The combination of items also varies between play-through.

Opening the door

Once you have completed 3 of request, he might still be stubborn. Just keep pressing A, and he might relent after a few button mashing. Then you’ve opened the Brightwood demon door! You can find the loot in treasure chest inside and the Sepulcher.

Congratulations! You have unlocked the troublesome door. You can find three unique clothing items inside. Hope this guide helps you to unlock the Brightwood demon door.

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