Methimazole Side Effects Cats: What Will Happen to Your Cats?

Methimazole Side Effects Cats

Understanding methimazole side effects cats is essential for everyone owning a cat. The medicine is an antithyroid drug that’s used to treat hyperthyroidism disease in cats. However, methimazole is actually not intended to cats, and it is meant for human. So, is it safe for cat and will be any side effects? The side effects are there indeed, and some of them are going to be explained below.



One of the most common methimazole side effects cats is vomiting. Because the drug is not intended for cats, usually there will be a reaction from the cat’s body toward the drug. Vomiting is the sign of this rejection. You do not need to be worried when the cat is vomiting, unless they do it so severely and then you have to bring them to their vet as soon as possible.



Your cat is usually a rocket ball that moves and run all around the house. However, after the medication treatment, the cat is suddenly so sluggish and quiet. Well, that is very understandable as one of the side effects of methamazole is tiredness. The cat will feel having less energy and thus key will prefer to lay still most of the time.



The methimazole side effects cats itching is like very common. Itching is also the sign that the drug reacts to the body. The itchiness is quite severe albeit temporary. The cat can be in a lot of pain when the severe itching is happening. This is the reason why you should really be careful in giving methimazole to the cats.


Facial Scratches

This side effect is related to the itching. However, some cats are mostly feeling the itchiness on their faces so that the scratches happen a lot in the faces. It may causes scars and wounds on the face when you are not giving them the proper treatment. If you see the cats scratching their faces after the medication, trim their nails immediately.

Those are the most common side effects when you give methimazole to cats. To make sure your cats are treated properly from the hyperthyroidism disease, just bring them to the vet. The vet knows exactly what drug to give to the cats and what type of treatment is good for them. This is why you should never risk your cat of having to endure the methimazole side effects cats.

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