Mixed German Shepherd Puppies and Their Character alongside Physical Attributes

Mixed German Shepherd Puppies

People start to consider mixed German shepherd puppies for their pet. Study showed German shepherd is the top dog breed that everyone wants to adopt. Of course, it is not easy thing for beginner. In fact, high intelligent and active characters are what the owners want. This is where they rely on mix breed to develop more reasonable characters. Besides, mix dogs have unique traits that can be seen from their appearance, height, and behavior.

German shepherd and Husky

If you like dog with wolf-like appearance, Husky is the right choice for that purpose since they resemble the features with wolf. However, you will see what menacing appearance will be when put German shepherd and husky together. However, you don’t have to worry about this mix puppy. In fact, both parents provide the trait that’s more caring and agile with strong muscle. Furthermore, the puppy might grow to big dog with distinct feature on head and body.

German Shepherd and Labrador

People try to mix some breeds to create new hybrid with reasonable character and trait. If you look for mixed German shepherd puppies, the combination between Labrador and German shepherd should be look forward. The dogs will have traits, such as friendly, loyal, and don’t afraid to try new thing. However, you might consider cleaning their coat regularly.

German Shepherd and pitbull

Pitbull has unique feature that people like to keep as pet. This breed is common for guarding home or just for playing time in park. You can mix German shepherd and pitbull for better puppy. The result is big dog with strong tendency for caring the owner. Pitbull is known for its durability, although not as agile as German shepherd. Both will make puppy that have strong build and agile feature.

German Shepherd and Rottweiler

Hybrid dog has distinct name. For German shepherd and Rottweiler, you can call Rottie shepherd or shepweiler for German shepherd mix that has Rottweiler attributes. Regardless the name, you will get puppy with utmost attributes and character. Both dogs are considered intelligent, diligent, strong, and relatively agile. You can put those benefit traits in one puppy and see what it becomes the next year. The dog will have more height and considered as big dog.

Which one do you like? Well, German shepherd is interesting breed and useful for any task. In past time, people used them for hunting, herding, and guarding. Today, the dogs are more useful when receive the excellent training. With he right breed, mixed German shepherd puppies are something to look forward to.

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