My Cat is Sneezing and Has Watery Eyes: The Possibilities of What’s Happening

My Cat is Sneezing and Has Watery Eyes

The question of my cat is sneezing and has watery eyes is always asked by a lot of cat owners. Indeed, cats are loveable, but they are quite prone to a lot of worrying health condition. This is why when the cat is constantly sneezing and the eyes are producing watery discharge, you should never take this situation for granted. Here are some probabilities of why the situation happens.

Common Cold

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Sneezing and cat eye discharge are the symptoms of common cold. Usually, the cats get common colds because they are exposed to chilly, freezing water or their health condition is simply not as great. The first thing you can do to handle the situation is making sure the cat is warm and well-feed. Make it drink a lot of water as well.



One of the main reasons why my cat is sneezing and has watery eyes is because of allergy. There are tons of allergens that cats can get exposed to. Usually, it revolves around dusts, pollens, and some allergies related to the foods. Therefore, it is important for everyone to get the tests done when the cat is still a kitten. Make sure as owner, you know exactly what your cats are allergic to.


Respiratory Viral Infection

Sneezing could be heavily related to respiratory infection caused by viruses. This is a serious situation that you just cannot ignore. When it happens, you have to bring the cat to the vet as soon as possible. It is serious matter, and when it is not treated right, the cat could be in jeopardy as it is a severe condition indeed.


Infection in the Lungs

The last possibility is the infection in the lungs. The respiratory infection is even worse as the lungs will be easily damaged when this happens. Avoid taking any risks and bring the cat to the vet immediately, especially when it has the history of any diseases related to the lungs.

Some of those situations are indeed serious. You will have to bring the cat to the vet immediately when these happen. Therefore, you should always keep your eyes on the condition of the cat. Make sure the cat is not visibly suffering from those kinds of things. Now, go see the vet and stop wondering about why my cat is sneezing and has watery eyes because it can be a serious thing indeed.

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