My Dog Won’t Stop Sneezing and Main Causes that Trigger It

My Dog Won't Stop Sneezing

Seeing my dog won’t stop sneezing can give such big worries. As a pet owner, it is normal to have some concerns when the lovely pet does not look good. Once the condition is not normal, it may be caused by health issues and sometimes it can be life-threatening problems that cannot be taken lightly at all. In this case, the dog sneezing is one of them. However, it is better to know some causes of the sneezing in order to reduce the worries.

Basically, most dogs always sneezing. It is not always about the serious health problems. Sometimes, these can be happen due to natural responses of the nasal organ or mechanism. That is why it is good to know some of the causes. However, whenever my dog won’t stop sneezing and coughing, it may be different cases and vet should check the condition.

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Foreign bodies

One of the causes of dog sneezing is the foreign bodies. It is normal to see this when the dog loves to play outside. When the pet digs the ground or play on the grass, it is possible to find foreign bodies attached on the nostril. This can be the soil, grass, and other things that block the air passage. That is why the dog will automatically sneeze. It is already basic mechanism to remove the foreign bodies. When these are found, it is good for the pet owner to remove them obstacle.


It is not only human who has allergies. Dogs can also have allergies. Pollens, mold, perfumes, and even household chemicals can bring allergies. That is why it is possible seeing my dog won’t stop sneezing. Of course, it will be hard to know if it is kind of allergy unless vet says so. Once it is known as allergy, of course it is better to get some distance so the dog’s nose does not get in touch with the source of allergies.

Virus and bacteria

These will be one of the serious problems. When it talks about these two causes, there can be some health problems to get the concern. Unfortunately, sneezing will not totally solve the problems. That is why it should get medication or proper treatment from the vet. It is also to prevent so the bacteria and viruses do not harm further.

Those are some causes that make the dogs sneezing. Of course, when it only happens several times, it will not be big problems and vet does not need to get involved in solving the problems. However, when it happens for more than two days, there must be something wrong and proper medical checking and treatment is needed as the solution when my dog won’t stop sneezing.

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