Why Does My Dog’s Breath Smells Like Fish and How to Fix It

My Dog Breath Smells Like Fish

You may wonder sometimes why my dog’s breath smells like fish. It is a quite common question between the owners of canine companion. They bend down and get a kiss or two, but the smell is so strong it’s almost becoming a pain. Let’s be real, just like human’s breath, the dog’s breath is far from the most wonderful smell in the world.

To have a fresh minty smell out of the dog’s mouth is just something impossible, even if you took an intensive, specific care to not get it to smell foul and stinky. Because dog likes to discover and explore the world by their tongues, there is a possibility of various kinds of odor, depends on where the exploration takes place. Most of the odors are so sorely unpleasant. Their hobby of chewing toys, bones, and hard treats also play big roles of causing the smell.

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Now that you know it’s not an uncommon phenomenon and should not cause you to feel a big giant concern, it’s still kind of uncomfortable to know and just let it be. Not only it causes inconvenience for anyone coming near your dog, but also the possibility of health concern that might just behind it.

Fishy Dog Breath Problems Occurrence

Fishy Dog Breath Problems Occurrence

For active pups who just love adventuring the world outside or those who have such a great curiosity of the world, licking and chewing random things are not unheard of. But when you hold your dog and wondering about why my dog’s breath smells like fish when you are clearly do not have fishes, or ponds, or fishes in the ponds, nor they are exist anywhere near you lived, it feels quite an oddity.

The specific fishiness, that is different from their normal bad breath, is not some odor that they just have randomly. If the fishy smell happens throughout few days and has caused you a disconcerting issue, you might want to find out the causes it.

Few Possible Reasons of What Causes Bad Breath In Dogs

Few Possible Reasons of What Causes Bad Breath In Dogs

If you notice constant bad breath coming out of your dog’s mouth, there are possibilities that the cause is simply oral hygiene matter. But that doesn’t mean there is no possibility of underlying health issue. Below are few possible reasons why your dog is suffering from the bad breath problem.

  1. Too much licking and biting
    Why does my dog’s breath smells like fish? Does he does excessive biting and licking? This issue basically caused by the bottom’s part problem that is blocked anal gland. When there is a discomfort in the anal area, the pup will ease the discomfort by using its teeth to pierce the anal sac. As the result, part of the liquid is transferred to its mouth.
  2. Improper diet
    The food you give to the dog might be the cause of the problem. Many dog’s food manufacturer add Omega 3 or 6 from salmon or whitefish as one of the ingredients. Others use fish oil and Docosahexaenoic and Eicosapentaenoic acid. If the dog acquire such fishy smell after the mealtime, you can reassure yourself that it is no big deal because fish based ingredients are good for your dog’s overall health.
  3. Halitosis
    The general medical term for the dog’s bad breath is halitosis. It can be caused from few different issues related to the oral hygiene. Bacteria in mouth is the most common culprit of periodontal disease, will result in plaque and cavities. Diabetes, nasal inflammation, sinusitis, or gastrointestinal problems are the rare rare causes of halitosis.

Flash Explanation of Dog Fishy Breath Kidney Disease

Flash Explanation of Dog Fishy Breath Kidney Disease

If you have checked three reasons above and still haven’t found the correct possible cause of your dog’s bad breath, it might be the kidney and liver failure. Problem and disease on both organs can cause fishy smell on the breath.

The internal organ failure is the major problem that can occur to dog. Aside from the fishy smell from the bad breath, you can try to find the symptom the sweet rotten smell that often indicate diabetes, or urine-like breath smell. The consistent odor is often related to kidney disease.

The best option after you run a smell test on your dog, is to go visit veterinarian. Self-diagnosis is not a good way to determine the complicated health problem. It is advised for you to go to the trusted vet and asked directly about why my dog’s breath smells like fish all the time.

How To Make Dog’s Breath Smell Better Safely

How To Make Dog's Breath Smell Better Safely

It is essential to know what the cause of the problem before you try to resolve it. if by chance your dog is a small breed, the anal gland issues is pretty common to deal with. Ask your groomer about why my dog’s breath smells like fish or visit the veterinarian to get your dog treated.

Speaking to the vet is especially important if there are more serious medical issues involved, such as internal organ failure or gastrointestinal abnormalities. Reach them as fast as possible to get immediate treatment.

On the other hand, if it’s an oral hygiene problem, it’s fine to treat it by yourself and do proactive measures. Brush you dog’s teeth, twice a week at minimum. Plan a better diet by choosing best high-quality food for your dog. If necessary, apply special diet like the rotational dog diet. Put a lot protein and avoid fillers and unhealthy additives.

Easy Dog Bad Breath Home Remedy to do Regularly

Dog Bad Breath Home Remedy

There are home remedies available for almost anything, including for dog’s bad breath problem. Below are few home remedies worth to so you don’t have to constantly question the reason why my dog’s breath smells like fish.

  1. Brush the dog’s teeth regularly
    It is already mentioned that brushing teeth is good for the dog’s oral health. Untreated sick teeth and gums are harmful, but can be prevented by brushing the teeth away.
  2. Provide a dental chew
    Delicious dental chew will not hurt your dogs, in fact, it is very enjoyable for them. Let the dental chew do the work to eliminate bad breath. Choose one with chlorophyll, neem, or cinnamon as breath-freshening agents.
  3. Give them a lot of drink
    Dental water with healthy enzymes and ingredients will help a lot. Replace the regular drinking water for your dog with it. As an alternative, coconut oil also helps combat the bad breath.

Once you recognize the issue, it is better to quickly find the reason and eliminate the problem. If you’re struggling to solve the question of why my dog’s breath smells like fish it’s better to ask the professional veterinarian for the right solution.

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