Natural Hairball Remedy for Cats and Simple Ways to Remove Hairball

Natural Hairball Remedy for Cats and Simple Ways to Remove Hairball

For so many reasons, some cat owners prefer using natural hairball remedy for cats. After all, hairballs are not necessarily becoming a symptom of a fatal problem. However, suppose you are a cat owner and ever witnessed a cat coughing, you may have realized that this is not an enjoyable experience for the cat. Nor do we love cleaning it up. You will feel content to know that there are four simple and the most natural hairball remedies for your felines.

Giving the Cats Enough Water

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One of the best natural remedies for hairball removal in cats is giving them enough water. If the cat’s food does not have sufficient water, it will make their intestinal system work twice harder, making their hairball leads to a severe problem. Drinking water is vital for the cat, but their food will also give them enough hydration. Do try canned food in order to increase the cat’s water consumption.

Using Lubricant

By adding a teaspoon of flax oil or fish to the cat’s food, it will entirely coat the hairball and flush it out through the cat’s digestive system. Another option is using a jelly made out of papaya or marshmallow. This type of lubricant usually can be given once to twice per week.

Giving High-Fiber Foods

Fiber is also essential for felines, and it’s the most natural hairball remedy for cats. Increasing the fiber intake in the cat’s food is able to help the fur that they have swallowed to pass through their intestinal system rather than vomiting it up. Some potential supplies of fiber include tiny bits of fruits and vegetables just like carrots, apples, sweet potatoes, or maybe canned pumpkin. Most cats like pumpkin, and by sprinkling a bit of pumpkin powder on their food, it will add their fiber consumption.

Brushing Their Fur

One of the easiest yet effective ways to prevent the hairballs from entering the cat’s digestive system is preventing it. Regularly brushing their fur is able to remove their dead hairs that usually would be swallowed by the cat. Besides, it also can be a bonding time between the cat owner and the feline itself. Even so, some cats might not like being groomed. But by gradually grooming them, they will eventually get used to it.

Although hairballs are not usually harmless, it may lead to a severe problem if the cat shows some danger symptoms. But before taking your cat to the vet, do the natural hairball remedy for cats above first.

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