Neighbors Dog Won’t Stop Barking: Four Effective Methods to Try

neighbors dog won’t stop barking

Something as simple as the neighbors dog won’t stop barking can really have big impact in your life. Many people report that the incessant barking has messed up their sleeping cycles. Because of that, they cannot function well during the day and end up making mistake throughout work or school. Is there anything that you can possibly do to solve this problem? The following tips might be able to help.

Having a Direct Conversation with the Neighbor

You might be one of people who find it awkward to complain to the neighbor about their constantly barking dog. However, having direct conversation with the neighbor about this issue is really important. You can ask about the dog’s age, training progress, and other related information. This will make the neighbor realizes how disturbing their dog’s behavior is to the surrounding environment. You should keep the conversation’s tone as pleasant as possible by showing sympathetic stance.

Getting to Know the Dog

In the case when neighbors dog won’t stop barking, you will find it beneficial to try getting to know the dog. Whenever the dog owner and their pet are out for walk, you should make an effort to greet them. This way, the dog will be able to recognize you. Dog tends to act aggressive and barking when feeling threatened. Doing this will also improve your relationship with the neighbor and they will take your suggestions better.

Joining an Effort to Remove Triggers

Once you have established good rapport with both the neighbor and their dog, naturally you will recognize some triggers that will make the dog behaving as it does (barking incessantly). Be a proactive neighbor by joining in a community effort to eliminate as many triggers as possible. As an example, the dog gets irritated by car honking. You can put a sign in front of the neighborhood gate to warn people about refraining from honking.

Purchasing a Dog Whistle

Sometimes the easiest way is to purchase stop neighbor dog barking device such as a dog whistle. The whistle is able to emit ultrasonic voice that can only be heard by the barking dog. This device can work as a remote training device. If you are friendly with your neighbor, you can definitely recommend it to them. However, when your neighbor does not really appreciate your effort, then this might be the best course to follow.

Of course, if the incessant barking still continues on, you have the right to forward noise complaint to the authority. However, if you can manage it, that should be the last thing you do in regards for the case of neighbors dog won’t stop barking.

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