Panacur C for Cancer Cure: Is it Just a Baseless Rumor?

Panacur C for Cancer Cure

Some breakthrough reports examined the possibilities of Panacur C for cancer cure. The reason behind it is because many people start using the medicine without just because they read some random posts on the internet. This product becomes scarce because of that news. Perhaps you should get to know this drug product first. It is a drug designed for dogs. The drug aims to deworm dogs and is usually prescribed by veterinarian for such case. But how does this drug become an alternative cancer medicine?

The rumor began circulating when a veterinarian posted that according to laboratorium experiment toward rats, Panacur C for cancer cure was proven to be effective. Rats that developed cancer cells within their bodies were given regular doses of this medicine. After a while, it was found that the cancerous cells have disappeared from their bodies. It was tested on rats with varied types of cancer. This particular news brought a new light on to the deworming medicine for docs.

Panacur C for Cancer Cure 2

Of course, after this news broke out, you can find various Panacur C cancer cure testimonials on various internet forums, particularly the ones owned by cancer patient communities. There was a report that a patient who had stage 4 cancer took the medicine and miraculously several months later declared free of the illness. It is explained that the medicine works to deprive cancer cells from nutrients. When the cells are deprived from important nutrients, they cannot grow or develop. Because of that, the cells would eventually die.

Now comes the most important question: is it true that the dog deworming drug can work against cancer? First of all, you need to know that some animal medicines may work in humans. In return, human medicine may have similar curing effect to animal too. What differentiates it would be the dosage given. Even so, there is not enough proof that the medicine will work on human, particularly in treating cancer. There needs to be more experiments conducted in order to test its effectiveness.

Even after there are some proofs that it may help curing cancer, additional studies must be done. It is important to gauget the safe dosage for humans and possible long term complications. Such studies may take years, if not decades. At the moment, there is no found link between the medicine and cancer rehabilitation. You should wait until there are some scientific reports released before even thinking to try Panacur C for cancer cure.

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