Petco Vaccination Clinic: Full List of Veterinary Services

Petco Vaccination Clinic

Petco vaccination clinic is the go-to clinic for most pet owners in the nation. The well-known clinics and hospital for pets have been prominent from a long time ago. It has helped countless pets to get healthy and happy all the time. If you are looking for a clinic to get your pet vaccinated, surely Petco is the answer. Even so, you can do more than just give vaccination to the pet. Here is more about the services.


Of course, the main service that you will get from the clinic is the vaccination. Every type of vaccination needed by the pet is available in the clinic. Any vaccinations, from rabies vaccination to Leptospirosis vaccination, will be available to be done here in the clinic with affordable cost. This is why it is important to make an appointment from now on with the clinic.

Parasite Prevention

One of the reasons why dogs and cats, and other pets, as well get so sick easily is because the owners never give them parasite prevention. Parasite causes damage to the health of the pet. That is why they need to be prevented as soon as possible. Petco vaccination clinic provides this kind of prevention service as well. So, right after being vaccinated, the pet can get an extra shield of protection by being given parasite prevention treatment.

Infectious Disease Screening

Make sure you know the Petco vaccination clinic hours because by visiting the clinic, the pet can also get infectious disease screening. This preventive procedure is going to prevent the pet from getting infected by gruesome diseases. When the screening result comes clear, you can be even happier with your healthy pet at home.

Microchip Placement

Last but not least, the clinic has the service of placing microchip. Microchip is useful mainly to track the pet. There is no way that the dog or cat can go missing if there are chips planted under their skin. With the tiny tracking device, the location of the pet can be monitored way easier.

With all those services, surely you can get everything you need to ensure the pet’s wellbeing in Petco. Make sure you make appointment to the clinic and bring the beloved pet there. They can get vaccinated and get other treatments as mentioned above. It will be very useful and surely beneficial for both the owner of the pet and the pet itself to visit Petco vaccination clinic.

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