Pill That Kills Fleas: Learn These FAQ First before Purchasing

Pill That Kills Fleas

Looking for pill that kills fleas for your dog? Thank goodness, these days there are lots of products, in this case, pills—that you can administer to your dog in order to kill or prevent the fleas from coming to your dog’s body.

You may wonder do all pills for dog’s fleas work with the same system. The short answer for it is: no. Just like paracetamol and aspirin are made different for the same purpose, there is this ‘soft spot’ for each product where it works effectively.

The same thing goes to the pill that kills fleas—dog fleas, to be exact. Some pills are made as a total killer for the adult fleas, while the other acts long lasting to prevent the infestation of fleas. That said, you should determine which your purpose is in terms of giving your dog flea pills.

Let’s learn about flea pills through this FAQ stated below.

What are flea pills for dogs?

Just as its name shows, flea pills are basically insecticides, which are made to treat, control, or prevent fleas from coming to your dog and infest in it. You can actually purchase it freely, meaning you can buy it without needing any prescription, but that would be better if it is prescribed.

This is because your vet has his/her consideration when giving the medication. This relates to your dog’s medical history and of course, the state of fleas’ infestation itself. You know, the pills offered if your dog suffers from extreme dermatitis due to the infestation will differ to the pills your dog receives for preventive matter.


Do you need a vet advice to get flea pills?

You don’t need it, but some medications are only available to purchase with a prescription. Aside from that, the aforementioned reason in point (a) should back up the reason why it is great to have a vet’s advice before purchasing the pill.


What are several types of pills that kill dog fleas?

According to Merck Vet Manual, there are several chemical compounds recommended for its effectiveness in killing fleas:


  • Spinosad
  • Fluralaner
  • Afoxolaner
  • Nitenpyram

Note that the aforementioned names are the compound names—not the brand one. That said, make sure you learn the brand name that contains the compound as mentioned.

How to prevent fleas from coming to your dog?

Well, there are various ways to work on it. First, you can ask to your vet for preventative flea pills for your dog. However, this may not be effective if the living situation ‘permits’ the fleas to come.

That is why it is important to clean your house frequently. Not only you need to clean your house meticulously but treating your yard for fleas also becomes important to carry out as well. With the combo, you can magnify the power of the pill that kills fleas which are prescribed to your dog.

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