Puppy Whining in Crate at Night: How to Prevent this from Happening?

Puppy whining in crate at night

The case of puppy whining in crate at night often happens, especially when the puppy is not getting used to being put inside a crate. The whining puppy can cause discomfort to the owners too, as the whining and wailing sounds will not be too pleasant to hear. How to prevent the puppy from whining and crying all night? These are the things you can do.


Crate Training Your Puppy

The first thing you need to do is crate training your puppy. Make sure the puppy is used being inside the cage. You need to put some toys or anything that may comfort the puppy inside the cage during the training. You also need to understand the trick of crate training the puppy, especially at night: wear your puppy out and when they are inside the cage, they will be too tired to whine.


Toilet Break before Going to Sleep

One of the biggest possibilities of puppy whining in crate at night is because they need to go to the toilet, either it is for number one or number two. If you have toilet trained your puppy, surely it is not possible for it to go in the crate, even when you have provided the sandbox. To prevent this, make sure you take the puppy outside before going to sleep. Let it do what it needs to do, and when it goes inside the crate, it will be happy.


Provide Comfort at First

When you hear your puppy crying at night, sometimes you do not have the heart to just let it be. Well, do not do that as it will prevent the puppy from learning that it is not supposed to do that. You need to prevent comfort, but not too much.

The easiest way is to bring the crate inside your bedroom and let the puppy to sleep inside the crate for a few nights. The puppy will feel so much safer and comfortable as you are nearby.

Basically, when a puppy is being comfortable at night, it will sleep through and through, inside or outside a cage. Do those tips above and the problem of your puppy crying and wailing at night won’t happen again. You need to take your time and be patient with the puppy. Spare your time to crate training and to care the puppy properly. Therefore, the case of puppy whining in crate at night does not happen anymore.

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