Rattlesnake Vaccine for Humans and Factors Related to Its Development

Rattlesnake Vaccine for Humans 2

Information about rattlesnake vaccine for humans is useful before you understand why this kind of vaccine is not available. Keep in mind the vaccine related to snake bite is rare, even nothing at all, especially for human. It does not mean the research and development for such vaccine is not available. Many research centers try to isolate snake venom like rattlesnake in order to make it less dangerous. In addition, the venom is prepared to turn into vaccine. It takes time but some experiments show significant result.

Vaccine for dogs

You will find rattlesnake antivenom for canine easier than for human. Based on research, the dog is highly sensitive to snake venom. One bit will make the dog’s life at high stake. For your information, snakebite is more than ten times deadly when inserting into dog body. This animal seems to obtain strong immune, but cannot withstand the venom from snake. That’s why you often see this vaccine for dogs, not for human.


Demand for rattlesnake vaccine

Snakes only bite at their environment and during specific seasons. Human do not get snake venom when they stay at home and do regular activity. The numbers of snakebite on human is high in the area where snakes are still wild. On contrary, there is no bite or case at all in the safe environment. From that explanation, you can expect how much vaccine should be ready for human in order to increase body’s immune from snake venom. The demand for this vaccine is not as high as disease, such as polio and hepatitis. Only human who visits and stays in high risk are likely to be bitten. Due to low demand, the snake vaccine for human is not worth from economical perspective.


Research and developing cost

Rattlesnake vaccine for humans is still in development stage. However, one major issue is related to cost for developing the proper vaccine. Vaccine is not something you can make in three or five years. The latest vaccine for disease is available after long-term research and experiment. More money will be spent with the unpredictable result. Even though the vaccine is ready, the demand is low and it’s not much profitable.


Snake treatment

Snake venom reacts faster when it is already inside the body. Human and animal cannot withstand such venom in long period. It is different from virus and bacteria. Immune system develops antigen to prevent spreading. On contrary, venom or poison is like a gun that kills instantly without much reaction from body. In order to overcome snakebite, the treatment is the most common thing to do than rattlesnake vaccine for humans.

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