Refrigerated Dog Food and How to Choose It Properly

Refrigerated Dog Food

Dog owners try to put their dog in healthy condition, and one of their choices is refrigerated dog food. What is this food? Are there any differences between regular and refrigerated ones? Both are common question that people always ask when trying new thing. In fact, this kind of food gains popularity because it’s claimed to be better and healthier.

Ingredients and nutrition

When reviewing about dog food, first thing to explore is ingredient. It does not matter what the food look like, or having attractive cover. As long as the ingredients are reliable, the product will receive utmost appreciation. In general, most of dog owners purchase food that’s already canned and pressured to be single form product. You cannot see what inside unless reading the composition list. On the other side, you still see some meats, vegetables, and few raw ingredients on refrigerated dog food. For nutrition, you may assume what dog will have based on what you see. It can be proteins, mineral, carbohydrate, and more useful nutrition.

Production method and preservative compound

How to make refrigerated dog food? You can make it on your home, but buying what available is better choice. Even though you see the raw ingredients, this product is already cooked. However, manufacturers don’t use preservative compound because it can ruin food texture and nutrition. Therefore, you only serve the food to dog from fridge. The production time is few weeks ago, even yesterday. Due to this limitation, the production might not be as vast as regular dog food.

Delivery system

This refrigerated food is available at nearby store. It is not canned product, which means the foods have to be in fresh condition. The delivery system is unique as selling fresh meat or vegetables to buyers. You can have them directly from store or ask to send it to your home.

License and safety aspect

The last question is about safety and legal aspect for freshpet dog food. You have free choice to pick between normal dog food and this one. Each has pros and cons. One issue is refrigerated food does not last long. Dog owners should give the food to the dog immediately due to lack of preservative compound. In term of legal aspect, just read the license and make sure the production is registered.

Some dogs like new challenge, and owners can give new type of foods. Before decided to do such thing, make sure to know what you do. That’s why you need the review of refrigerated dog food.

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