Removing Plaque from Dog’s Teeth Using Four Easy Methods at Home

Removing Plaque from Dog’s Teeth

Removing plaque from dog’s teeth has to be done every once in a while. If the dog’s teeth are full of plaque, or sometimes called “tartar”, it will make the dog’s breath smells so bad and it will also worsen its dental health. Getting rid of the plaque does not have to be done by professional vets. It can be done at home by doing these four simple methods.


Give Them Raw Bones

Raw bones have great texture, it is not too soft but pretty much flexible to chew. The bones can be used to help removing plaque as it can flex all around the dog’s teeth. Dogs love chewing bones, too, as the bones taste great for them. This is why when you want the plaque to fall out on its own, simply give the dog raw bones to chew.


Brush the Teeth

Of course, the easiest way in removing plaque from dog’s teeth is by brushing the dog’s teeth. Brushing teeth is also going to keep the dental and gum health of the dog even better. Use dog’s brushing teeth and toothpaste that you can get from pet store. Try the brushing teeth process gently so the dog won’t find it excruciating.


Use Rubber Chewing Toys

If the dog often chews on something, the plaque on the teeth is going to get soften and eventually removed from the teeth. The best thing for the dog to chew is rubber chewing toys. They are flexible and certainly going to help the dog to remove all the tartar or plaque. This is why when you want to know how to soften dog tartar, the answer is as simple as giving them chewing toys made out of rubber.


Avoid Table Scraps Feeding

Dog foods and human foods are different. A lot of foods intended for human can cause plaque buildup for the dogs. This is why the dog has to be trained not to ask for table scraps. Make sure that you do not feed them anything from the dining table, too, in order to remove their plaque and prevent more buildups.

It is believed when the plaque is building up on the teeth, the dog will feel huge discomfort as well. So, make sure there will be no plaque buildup on your dog’s teeth. Do all those tips above and your dog will no longer suffer from bad breath and discomfort because of the plaque sticking too much on their teeth. Therefore, removing plaque from dog’s teeth is something mandatory to do.

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