Roundworms in Dog Poop and the Right Treatments for Dog

roundworms in dog poop

Dogs have health issue involved worm, and the most common one is roundworms in dog poop. Owner should put extra care when the dog has this condition. This kind of disease might not be dangerous for short term, but it can affect the health in future. Besides, roundworm or ascarid is common that makes the dogs are susceptible and sensitive to them. To know more about this topic, next section will explore it from several aspects.


As it mentioned above, worm is easily recognized through dog pop. You can see small light brown or dark red with round contour thing. This is what called roundworm because it creates round form. Sometimes, you cannot recognize them since the poop is too thick that hides the worm. First symptom comes from dog poop that contains this worm. Next thing is dog condition, such as diarrhea, vomiting, dull coat, and weight loss. The worm is usually in stomach and intestine then go to poop. However, certain condition creates vomiting that contains worms. If vomiting is often, you must check immediately what stuffs that dogs expel from mouth. Weight loss and dull coat are side effects after the infection is done for long time. Tapeworm in dog poop has the same symptom that you must consider.

Causes of worms

Next thing about roundworms in dog poop you must know is where the worms come from. Based on research, worm is common in puppies due to weak immune and body. From this conclusion, you can expect that their mother is the source of that worm. Most of puppies have this issue because of their mother. Another factor is environment, such as cage, home, and area that dogs go around and roam. Wild dog can spread this disease when contacted with other. You must keep the dogs from wandering around too much without supervision.


After the worms are identified, dog owners need to take an action. Firstly, visit nearby vet for checking and medical diagnose. If the roundworm is positive in dog digestive system, vet will give drugs for treatment. As owner, you must follow to what have been prescribed. Some drugs are familiar and easy to find, but it is best to stick on what vet said.

Preventive measures are necessary after the dog is back into normal condition. If puppies have worms from mother, you can treat both simultaneously. Isolation is the last option if the situation gets worse. You cannot determine which source that worms come from. As long as roundworms in dog poop are treated properly, the next step is relatively easy.

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