SiliDog as Durable Silent Pet Tag for Your Active Dog


SiliDog silicone dog tag is a line of vivid and adaptable dog tags which are made of silicone. That is why the tag a dog wears does not jingle when they move. Sometimes, the jingle from a dog tag could be a real aggravation when a dog has fleas. This kind of item could never fade and would last longer than some other dog tag. And most importantly, it would not make any commotion when hitting against plastic or metal objects. Considered as developing business, SiliDog net worth 2018 has reached pretty good nominal, about 100,000 USD.

Below are some facts you ought to know about SiliDog, a durable pet tag for your dog.

Great Visibility

The text is truly visible and pops on this tag. Even you can read it from a great distance and in photographs. It might have gotten somewhat grungy multiple times following a time of utilization by an active dog. However, a quick wipe can get all the dust off and makes it appearing like new. You might be a little doubtful about it sparkling in obscurity. Yet, it really does; splendid enough to ensure you do not step on your dog around the evening time.

Excellent Durability

It will be held up to your dog going through the forested areas for over a year, so it is really durable. Your dog will not bite something besides bones and cannot get the tag in their mouth anyway. So, you should not have any issue with its durability.

Noise Reduced

It makes a really quiet dog tag. However, you still be able to add an extra circle to associate it to the neckline. And then, dangle it on your dog a little lower so that there is a touch of clamor from all the various rings. Yet, the clamor is nothing near that of metal tags produce.

You might have seen a lot of tags that gave off an impression of being indistinguishable. But every other tag out there was made of plastic, was of poorer quality, and would fade after some time. Meanwhile, this item is 100% silicone and ensured to not make noise when your dog is active during the evening. The tag also has the benefit of not easily fading and they even shine in obscurity. SiliDog is completely adjustable, normally requested with a customized etching, and it arrives in an assortment of colors.

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