Small Batch Dog Food Freeze and Dried for Picky Eaters

Small Batch Dog Food Freeze and Dried for Picky Eaters

Dog owner should consider getting Small Batch dog food, if they want to provide well balanced and nutritious meal for their little one. Their products are enriched with natural source nutrients that will keep your pet healthy and happy for as long as possible since it will has its nutritional needs fulfilled. Generally, this brand offers two main types of food. You can opt to get the freeze dried type of food which is more conventional. However, you can also get the raw food in frozen form.

Small Batch dog food

You can obtain their products at Small Batch dog food locations which are spread across the country. This dog food manufacturer prides itself for using high quality and organic meats that are sourced from local farms as the ingredients for its product lineup. Such choice of production has great health benefit to your pet since you are not introducing any unwanted chemical which may harm your pet’s body. In addition to that, organic farming has more positive impact to the environment.

Another great feature from the food production is that the ingredients are not processed at all. Unlike many other dog food products in the market, there is no cooking process involved in the making of its products. That will ensure that nutrients within the ingredients will be received by the body just as they are when leaving the farm. Small Batch also avoids using preservatives and other flavoring additives. You will also see that the dog food is not receiving fortified nutrients.

The freeze and dried Small Batch dog food is divided into two broad categories. There are products made of multiple ingredients and ones that only consist of a single ingredient. Ingredients that are used in these products include innards of chicken, beef, and turkey as well as some vegetables like carrot and spinach. They are rich in proteins and definitely taste enticing for you dog’s palate. The palpable smell is definitely attracting your dog. Because of that, it is suitable to be given if your dog is picky eater.

Freeze dried food is suitable if you want your dog to strengthen its teeth. Dog needs to chew through the food in order to enjoy it. Balancing this food with the wet one is definitely beneficial. That will give your pet balanced nutrients to help it getting through the day as well as balanced diet with enough moisture. If you decide on freeze dried version of Small Batch dog food, increasing water intake is definitely necessary.

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