Spiked Dog Collars History and How They Are Made in Modern Era

Spiked Dog Collars

The history of Spiked Dog Collars can bring you to the ancient Egypt era if you traced it back. Even before human raised cows or trained birds, human already had canine companions. Dog has been becoming human’s pet for about twelve to thirteen thousand years ago. The Kings, Queens, and Pharaohs were believed to be the first to initiate dog collars as the status of the dog ownership. The purpose of dog collar in that era was for training and restraining them.

The first dog collar was intended for dogs as human’s hunters or protectors. In the middle ages, the collar was often made from precious metals and jewels. Dogs were also commonly used as baits for wolf hunting, so their necks needed to be protected by spiky collars.

History of Spiked Dog Collars

In the renaissance era, dogs for middle classes’ pets were started to become common. The dogs mostly wore collars made from leather. The hinged metal collars with padlock were not morally approved as they were seen as failsafe way to prove ownership of the dog, because the lock could easily be lost or stolen. The spiked dog collars from metal became booming again in the industrial era, around the 1700s. The dog collar often had their owner’s name on it. It was also often designed with witty sayings. A lot of dog collars were made from brass, silver, or gold, but leather was also not uncommon at that time.

In this modern era, dog collars are highly depends on the owner’s attitude and viewpoint. They are commonly available and sold in pet store. As the dogs are not commonly used as hunters or bait anymore, it is used more as fashion statement than for functional purpose. The collars are also designed safely for the dogs when it is used appropriately.

There are spiked dog collars for sale available for pup pampering. Even the designer’s collars have a huge market with flashy colors and expensive baubles as a fashion statement. Today’s dog collars design can have a wide range from the utilitarian style to high fashion. They are also available in different range of sizes and materials. The most common material is natural leather. If you plan to get one for your dog, it is better to try them on yourself on legs or arms. Do not judge the safety by how they look. It is important especially if your pet is touch-sensitive to the spiked dog collars.

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