Sugar to Water Ratio for Hummingbird Food that You Must Understand

Sugar to Water Ratio for Hummingbird Food that You Must Understand

You may want to know sugar to water ratio for hummingbird food. In general, this species is not critically endangered. Some areas still have enough space to ensure the birds can live. Mostly, the locations are nearby human, and people can see the hummingbird directly when they try to find food. You can make bird feeder and let them come to enjoy. The challenge is related to water ratio that will be applied on bird food. More information about this topic will be explained in the following list.

Bird feeder for hummingbird

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Bird feeder is customized when you create for hummingbird. It should quite big, but enough for maintaining liquid sugar. More importantly, it has protection from dust and some insects including ants. You should hang it in high place, but enough to be reached with regular ladder.


Water sugar recipe

Sugar to water ratio for hummingbird food must start with one to four proportion. You need to mix one cup of into four cups of water. You should adjust the measurement and make sure the ration is equal. This one seems to be from long research. Humming bird looks for nectar in the flower. Most people think the sweetener should be honey. That’s not true because the true nectar contains high glucose as sugar. Honey is processed after the bees get the nectar. Water and sugar is the best mixture for this bird.


Too much or less sugar

You can increase the ratio, such as one ratio of sugar and two ratio of water. It is not good idea because too much glucose will kill hummingbird. The situation might be not a sudden death, but the bird’s kidney and heart will have an issue. You should think about what happens when human drinks too much sugar every day. You get more energy, but it cannot be stored properly. For your information, there is a limitation on how much body can withstand the excess sugar. It is what happens when hummingbird consumes more sugar. Therefore, hummingbird food recipe sugar ratio should be balanced.


Type of sugars and other sweeteners

Honey is out of option because the processed sweetener comes from natural production. You cannot also use syrup, anything that contains corn, and artificial sugar. The best option is the granulated sugar. It is also called as white sugar that contains pure glucose.

Now, you already know how to make proper water sugar for hummingbird. It is simple and easy thing to do. Of course, the right ratio will attract more birds, so they will visit the bird feeder regularly. That’s what you should consider after knowing sugar to water ratio for hummingbird food.

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