Teary Eyed Dog and Some Information to Cure the Health Issue

Teary Eyed Dog

Sometimes, you may see problems of teary eyed dog in your lovely pet. When it happens, surely it should get attention. When it happens fast and your dog is doing fine, there will be no problem to worry. However, when it happens for hours and even longer, you should check the condition. It may make your dog less comfortable and even it can lead to some serious problems.

Since it happens in the eyes, it cannot be taken lightly. It is important organ for your lovely pup. Of course, it may also be dangerous when you do not give special attention. In this case, it is good for you to know the causes and some teary eyed dog treatments to do.


Generally, dogs shed tears since it is needed to water the eyes. However, when the tears are not normal and it happens for long period of time, there can be some problems. One of them is the dirt or debris in the eye. This makes the eyes less comfortable and it is already becomes natural mechanism to remove the dirt. However, it may also be more serious than the simple debris. There may be viruses or irritations and these should get your special concern. The sooner you see the vet, the sooner the problem is solved and treated. It is not only about the comfort, but it will also affect the whole quality of your dog’s life.


When it is only normal condition of teary eyed dog, you do not have to worry. You only need to check and monitor the condition. Usually, there is body mechanism to recover and your dog will be fine. However, when it happens for a whole day, it is better to see vet. It is related to the eye and it is so sensitive, so it is better to stop trying doing by you. Vet will know what to do and there can be proper medication given to your dogs. In the case of viruses and irritations, you should check the medicines and make sure that you give your pups the proper doses. Regular checkup may be necessary based on the recommendation of your vet.

These are some points to you should know about the problems with teary eyes. As a good pet owner, you have responsibility to make sure that your lovely pup will always be in good condition. Feeding them is not the only things to do. Grooming and seeing the vet should be needed, especially when there are problems, such as the teary eyed dog and other health issues.

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