The Important Points Related to Low Phosphorus Cat Food

The Important Points Related to Low Phosphorus Cat Food

If you have cats, some diets may be necessary and low phosphorus cat food is one of them. Besides human, your lovely pets should also get proper foods, and even diet program is needed in case they have health problems. Related to this, kidney diseases become the common problem on cats. When you find your cats have this health problem, the low phosphorus diet is needed.

The problems on kidneys may affect the whole body. Even, without proper treatments, the conditions can be worse. That is why cats should get proper treatment. Well, diet of low phosphorus is needed since basically kidneys are organ that process and regulate the phosphor. Since the kidneys cannot work normally anymore, phosphor must be reduced so the organs do not need to work too hard in processing and regulating the substance. In some cases, the cats also get low protein low phosphorus cat food since there is correlation between phosphorus and protein.

Cat requires food with high level of protein since its body is unable to produce the nutrient. Unfortunately, in most cases, food that contains high protein also has high phosphorus content. This is certainly not good for the cat’s already troubled kidney. There are some foods that have low phosphorus content despite being high in protein, though. The real challenge that cat owner faces is not about finding the right low phosphorus cat food. It is about adjusting the cat to a new diet. This will be a really hard task, particularly for a cat that is used to eating high phosphorus food.

The Debate between Low Phosphorus Dry & Wet Cat Food

Picking the perfect diet for your cat has never been easy. There are many factors to be taken into consideration. Cat’s preference matters a lot in the menu choice. This factor is as important as the kind of nutrient added intro cat’s diet. Another thing that cat owner always seems to fumble about is the kind of food given to their pet: dry or wet? Lucky for you, there are many choices of low phosphorus cat food in wet and dry forms. But how to decide which one is better for your cat?

Most vets will recommend wet cat food than the dry one. Several reasons underlie this recommendation. Wet cat food is rich of nutrients that are needed for the cat to grow well and stay healthy. It is less processed than the dry food so the nutritional content is maintained better. In addition to that, wet food provides extra water intake for the cat. In the urine of cat that has kidney issue, there is a very concentrated nutritional content. The cat needs water to dilute that concentrated urine.

It does not necessarily mean that low phosphorus cat food in dry form is not good at all. If you do not have good quality wet food at hand, high quality dry cat food will be a better substitute. Dry cat food is definitely more practical than the dry one. It is more shelf-stable. Since the food is light, it can be stored easier too. The fact that dry food is cheaper than the wet one is also great. Another good thing about this food is that it helps cat to strengthen its teeth by chewing on the food.

As explained, wet and dry foods have their own advantages and disadvantages. Many cat owners are still unsure whether to give their pets’ wet or dry food. A simple solution to that is by mixing both types of food. If this feeding method is done right, you will be able to get the best of both worlds. Cat that has kidney problem must adjust its dietary pattern as soon as possible. Letting the cat goes on with its old diet is simply unacceptable.

If you have got information from the vet about your cat that needs to take diet of low phosphorus cat food, it is time to pay more attention. This is not simple problems that can be taken lightly. Wrong treatment will only make the condition of kidneys worse or even severe. Well, there are several points to get your attention.

  • Source of food
    For the good food with low phosphorus, egg whites and meats are good choices. You should start to change the fishes since these are rich of phosphorus. Adding some and vegetables are good to be additional sources of nutrients, especially vitamins.
    Cat owner has to understand nutrients that their pet requires in order to stay healthy and strong. It has been stated in the previous part that as carnivore, cat needs specific type of protein. Arginine and taurine amino acids are substances that cat really requires in its body system. However, these two acids are not produced within the cat’s body. Food sources that contain these nutrients while also having low phosphor content are meat and poultry. The best way to serve these menus for cat that has kidney issue is fresh serving. Seafood is also a great choice if you want lower fat option.
  • Patience
    Changing the diet is not easy. Moreover, it is cat and you cannot communicate with it as how you communicate with humans. That’s why you need patience in this treatment and diet program. Moreover, doing step by step is necessary since the cat will be accustomed.
    There are several principles that must be followed in order to change your cat’s current diet with diet that consists of low phosphorus cat food more effectively. First, the process of diet change should happen slowly. Three to seven days are the ideal period. Second, cat owner should start introducing small portion of the new menu into cat’s current diet. Three, it is important to be aware of cat’s reaction to the change. If the cat adapts fast, then diet change can happen faster. However, if the cat is rather unwelcoming to the change, then it should happen really slowly and carefully.
  • More water
    Like humans, cat’s kidneys need water as well. When it is possible, wet cat food is better options instead of the dried one. By having more water in the body, the kidneys can work better and they will not be overloaded in processing the nutrients.
    Cat owner must be creative if they want to support their pet’s higher water intake. You can actually provide more water bowls at strategic places. The presence of extra bowls will encourage cat to drink more. Another way to do this is by adding some flavor to cat’s water. Cat tends to find fishy flavor appetizing. Owner can add some frozen clam juice to the water. This will bring the water temperature down so it feels more refreshing and provide fishy taste that cat loves. It is also possible to incorporate water to cat’s food so the cat will consume more water as it eats appetizing low phosphorus cat food.

Those points must get your attention. Although it may be hard to start, you must begin the treatment to make sure the cat can survive. Of course, proper medication and regular consultation to vet is necessary to do as compliments of low phosphorus cat food.

Picking the Best Low Phosphorus Canned Cat Food for Kidney Problem

Wet food is more desirable to deal with kidney problem. It really tackles specific diet issues that cat with kidney problem experiences. Several methods can be tried to provide wet food for your cat. Owner can prepare food from raw materials. If not, canned food is the more convenient solution to that. Nowadays, there is even commercial cat food for kidney disease available in the market. Combining these two wet foods together is also a solution to feeding your cat with the best menu.

As expected, cat owner prefers canned wet food more because of its simpler preparation. However, you should know to be cautious when using a canned food product. It is important to check on carbohydrate content in the canned food. Naturally, cat does not need high level of carbohydrate in their meals. Too much carbohydrate will actually incite obesity in cat. Most canned cat foods also contain thickening substances. These substances have bad side effects to the cat, such as digestive problems. Being mindful of these two ingredients is important.

It is not an easy task, adjusting the cat’s diet to one that consists mostly of low phosphorus cat food. Nonetheless, the change has to be made. It will prolong the cat’s life and improve its quality.

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