The Reasons Why Basement Smells Like Sewage and How to Fix it

Basement Smells Like Sewage

When your basement smells like sewage, everyone in the house will have to endure with unpleasant odor all day long. Basement is indeed located underground, below the main part of the house. Being under everything, it is prone to unpleasant odor, especially sewage odor. Why is this happening? Below are the reasons why the basement can be filled by unpleasant sewage odor. You will also find the way to fix it.

Leak in the Toilet Seal

One of the most common causes of why the basement smells like sewage is because the toilet seal is leaking. The toilet base and the toilet flange is connected by a sort of ring seal. If this seal is not properly installed, there will be leak in the seal and the unpleasant smell from the sewer gas oozes through the leakage and fill your basement with that bad, dreadful smell. The solution to fix this problem is by fixing the ring seal. You can seek professional help from plumbers to help fixing the ring seal.


Water in the Toilet Trap

Toilet is indeed contributing quite a lot of times in causing the bad sewage odor in the basement. Not only the improper ring seal, but the toilet trap can cause the bad odor. This often happens to toilet that has not been used for weeks. The water in the toilet trap starts to smell bad and affecting the smell of the basement. To correct this situation, flush the toilet multiple times and use sewage odor neutralizer to get rid of the bad smell.


Broken Sewer Line

If the sewer line around the house is cracked, or worse broken, the bad smell of the sewage easily escapes from the sewer through the cracks. It travels down and mostly fill the basement. Broken sewer line is a major problem. Most people with no expertise in plumbing will not be able to fix this problem. You do need professional help if the sewage smell in the basement is caused by broken sewer line.

Now it is clear that there are quite a lot of factors that can cause bad sewage odor to ooze in the basement of your house. Make sure you check the information above and understanding the solution. That way, if someone there’s odor problem in your basement, particularly sewage odor, you do not have to get confused determining why your basement smells like sewage.

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