Vetsulin for Cats as the Treatment for Diabetes

Vetsulin for Cats

If your cats have diabetes, the most common treatment is vetsulin for cats. In general, this product is artificial insulin that’s specifically for pets, such as cats and dogs. Both are common for having diabetes due to several factors. In order to know about this topic, you should read the following sections.

Diabetes in pets

Most people think pets cannot have diabetes due their immune system and different metabolism. The answer is right, but some conditions make the cats and dogs can have this kind of disease. Unfortunately, pets or animals are not human where treatment can be found easily. Many cat owners feel hopeless when their pets receive fixed diagnose to be diabetes. This situation is no longer issue because artificial insulin is available that’s dedicated for cats and dogs. In the future, more animals with this problem will receive similar treatment.

Artificial insulin

Vetsulin for cats is quite similar to what for human. The only difference is in composition because insulin in cat is relatively different, although most components are similar. The insulin is complex, and it is not simple thing to decipher then put into production. Vetsulin takes advantage from technology to generate insulin in human body. With long development and research, vetsulin is ready for cats and other animals potentially.

Proper dosage

Diabetes on cat seems not much complex compared to human. Vetsulin instruction is relatively simple, and cat owners can administer on their own. Based on basic dosage, cats should receive 1 or 2 injection per day with interval 12-hour between one injection and next one. This is for standard insulin level which is common for cats. You must consult to veterinarian before doing on yourself. Some cats are highly sensitive to injection and create bad affect. It might not be dangerous, but proper car is necessary. Insulin is for keeping glucose in check while maintaining cat health in long term.

Now, you understand why insulin is necessary for cat that has diabetes. Living in such condition is not easy task. Owner is the key to make successful treatment because the dosage depends on how much glucose that cat has in body. Vetsulin is not enough with proper diet of low carbohydrate and sugar. Besides, the cats need exercise and avoid overweight condition. As similar to human, weight and body ratio indicates prevalent of diabetes. The combination between diet and vetsulin for cats deliver long life for cats.

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