Vitamin C for Guinea Pigs and How Much does it Affect Your Pets?

vitamin c for guinea pigs

In fact, giving the vitamin c for guinea pigs is a thing every pet owner has to consider. Guineans are herbivorous animals. Even though we have provided enough food for the pigs, there are special conditions in which they need extra nutritional intake every day. Generally, guinea pigs need vitamins in conditions of feather growth, recovery from illness, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and toward old age. Well, since these conditions can occur at any time and in a fast period of time, of course good vitamin intake is needed continuously.

Vitamin C for Guinea Pigs

Like humans, guinea pigs also need vitamin intake. In general, the dose of vitamins needed between dwarf guinea pigs (small size guinea pigs such as: Roborovski, Winter White, Hybrid & Campbell) is different from large-sized guinea pigs (Like Syrian). However, the difference needed is not significant, so the different dosages can be ignored because excessive vitamin intake will come out again along with guinea pig urine.

Fresh food that must be chosen for them must contain many vitamins, especially vitamin C. You can feed guinea pigs with pellets. Be aware that pellets contain high energy, and eating too many pellets can cause obesity and tooth problems. Give about 1/8 to 1/4 cup of pellets every day to enrich the feed of guinea pigs. Look for pellets that are equipped with vitamin C. the vitamin C for guinea pigs is an important nutrient needed in their feed.

In addition, make sure your guinea pigs get enough vitamin C. This pig is one of a number of mammals (including humans) that cannot make vitamin C themselves, so it must get it from food. They need 10-30 mg of vitamin C every day. Vegetables with high levels of vitamin C that is good for young guinea pigs are green leaves, peppers, broccoli, and cauliflower. For your information, they are very vulnerable to scurvy, a disease caused by low levels of vitamin C. You can add vitamin C intake to your guinea pig.

You are not recommended to add vitamin C to guinea pigs drink. If you do that, the pig will stop drinking water if this cute animal doesn’t like the taste. In addition, it is very difficult to control how much vitamin C the guinea pig receives because they can drink lots of water. With all the perks, you are now ready to give a proper vitamin c for guinea pigs of your own!

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