What to do When Dog Coughing and Wheezing?

dog coughing and wheezing

As a dog owner, you will likely feel worried if your dog coughing and wheezing without clear reasons. What do you need to do in case that happens to your pet? How to identify the problem immediately before it turns into more severe health issues? This article is going to elaborate the matter.

How to Help a Coughing Dog Getting Better?

Coughing and wheezing are common body responses in humans and animals, including dogs. Dog coughs when to release remove foreign objects within its throat. Meanwhile, wheezing tends to be caused by foreign object blocking the air passageway which creates whistling noise when dog’s noise.

If your dog is coughing once, then you should not worry too much because it might be due to foreign objects or phlegm getting trap in its throat. The same goes for wheezing. Both actions are bodily reflexes to deal with the foreign objects.

However, if your dog coughing and wheezing for prolonged time, you need to start being cautious. To help them, you must bring them to the clinic. There are several common reasons which may cause this condition.

  1. Allergies
    One common cause for coughing and wheezing (that is often gone unrecognized) is allergy. Allergy can be seasonal which means your dog will only experience the symptoms in certain period of the year. It can also be caused by certain triggers, such as mold and smokes. To deal with it, you should give some allergy meds and removing triggers.
  2. Foreign Objects in the Air Passage
    This condition can be life threatening because asphyxiation for long time can lead to death. If you find your dog has trouble breathing, you should bring it to the vet immediately so that it can be treated. Little pups are quite prone to experience this because they are very explorative.
  3. Bronchitis
    If your dog has chronic bronchitis, it may cough and wheeze constantly. Bronchitis creates scars in the air passage. Because of that, the dog’s air passage becomes less flexible which leads to difficulty in breathing. The symptoms then occur.
  4. Congenital Heart Failure
    Dog coughing and wheezing can also be caused by congenital heart disease, such as disease in its heart’s valve. This condition will cause fluid to accumulate within the lungs. Your dog is only able to inhale small amount of air and it will lead to constant cough and wheeze.
  5. Kennel Cough
    Kennel cough is a common respiratory disease that affects canine, particularly in its upper breathing system such as trachea and larynx. It is mainly caused by bacteria called Bordetella. Kennel cough is treatable but treatment must be done promptly.

How to Stop a Dog from Coughing Continuously?

Recognizing the symptom is definitely the earliest thing to help your dog when it is coughing wheezing. As you have been informed, it might be caused by many reasons. Here are what you can do to alleviate your pet’s discomfort.

  1. Emergency Run to Vet
    When to take dog to vet for cough and wheeze? If you sense that your dog’s cough and wheeze to be an emergency, you must immediately visit the nearest vet. Usually, it is accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, lethargy, or even panic. This way the best medical attention can be given to your pet.
  2. Mucus Diffuser
    Just like human, dog coughing and wheezing can be caused by built up phlegm in the respiratory system. Mucus diffuser works well for this situation since it will liquefy the thick phlegm and make it easier for your dog t breathe.
  3. Dog Medication
    There are plenty of medications for dogs sold in special pharmacy. You have to get the medication from licensed medical practitioner and make sure that it has been prescribed by the doctor. It is also important to ask questions about the medicine administration.
  4. Natural Remedies
    Some people have also tried natural remedies for their dog. This can be effective but also possess higher risk. You should identify the cause of your dog’s constant coughing and wheezing before deeming it safe to administer natural remedies.

Cough Medicine for Dogs: Vet Prescribtion is Important

Often times, the causes for coughing and wheezing in dog are bacteria or viruses. Because of that, usually the vet will recommend antibiotics to deal with the situation. There are dog’s special medicine for cough such as Baytril and Clavamox. They must be prescribed by the doctor.

Sometimes, pet owner initiate the use of cough medicine for human to treat dog coughing and wheezing. While you can use certain human med (such as Robitussin) for this, the dosage would be different than when you are administering it to human. You should not make such hasty decision like this because it may worsen the condition.

Cough Suppressant for Dogs to Alleviate Discomfort

Cough and wheeze are just symptoms caused by certain medical issues in your dog. However, when your dog coughs and wheezes constantly, it definitely does not feel comfortable. Sometimes it can get pretty exhausting and hinder their ability to eat and drink. Antitussive or cough suppressant works best to tackle this condition.

For mild level coughing, you can get Dextrometorphan. It is a type of over the counter drug, and considered as an extra label medicine. However, you should not decide to administer this medicine on your own unless your vet says so. Dextrometorphan is able to inhibit the coughing reflex as well as dislodging mucus. Butorphanol is also an alternative.

Can Dogs Die From Kennel Cough and How?

Kennel cough is quite common for canine. Although the coughing (and gagging) sounds severe, your dog will be able to get back to its shape in few days if you ensure that it gets proper nutrition and rest. However, the situation can get worse.

People ask if kennel cough can lead to death, and the answer is yes. It can happen if the cough gets worse and left untreated. It may lead to pneumonia which is a leading cause in dog’s death. So, even if your dog gets simple coughing and wheezing symptoms you should not ignore it. Pet owner must monitor the condition continuously to recognize the problem.

Raising a dog is not an easy task. In addition to provide plenty of love, you should also be mindful about its health. Hopefully, the knowledge about dog coughing and wheezing discussed is beneficial to you.

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