What to Know about Dutch Bantam Breed

Dutch Bantam

Dutch Bantam is one of many chicken breed that is originating in Netherlands. It is said to be a true bantam and has no standard size. For your information, this chicken is an old breed. This ornamental breed is very popular nowadays. In the Netherlands, this chicken is still very popular to have. Other places in which it is famous include Germany, UK, South Africa, and United States. The history mentions that this chicken is first brought by Dutch sailors. The chicken appeared in the early 1950s in the United States. Although its existence had been quite long, they were finally admitted in 1992 by APASP.

The characteristics of Dutch Bantam include high breasts and short backs. They are not big for your information. The wings of the chicken are quite large and long. It is mentioned that this chicken is able to fly because they have light weight and large wings. Although their body is small, the tail is well spread and full. The sickles are even well developed. The beak is short and curved, but it is strong. Its legs are unfeathered and it has four toes. Furthermore, they have single comb that is in bright red and five upright points. Mostly, their earlobes are small in size, white in color, and oval in shape.

Basically, this chicken has white skin, but Dutch Bantam colours are various. The color varieties are light brown, cream light brown, blue light brown, blue cream light brown, black, and silver. All the varieties have been admitted by the experts. How about its weight? As for the hens, its weight is for about 0.45 kg and the roosters have 0.55 kg in weight. The number mentioned there is an average weight from this chicken. Regarding keeping them as chicken breed, the egg productivity is just medium. Yet, people still love to keep them.

If you wish to raise them, they are good to keep. The chicken is very friendly in nature. Furthermore, people love to keep this chicken breed since they are easy to handle. This is surely important. They can tolerate all climates, but in the cold climate, a special care is needed. The chicken is hardy indeed. Then, the chicken is good protective mother, good setter, and good broody as well. For your information, the hens are such great layers. Again, the chicken is active, yet they do well in confinement. Because Dutch Bantam has good laying ability and is very friendly, it is worth to keep indeed.

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