Why Does My Dog’s Breath Smell So Bad? Here’s the Answer

Why does my dog breath smell so bad

The question of “Why does my dog’s breath smell so bad?” is quite common among dog owners. Sometimes, dog breath can indeed smell so bad that may drive the owner crazy. The problem with the bad odor of dog breath cannot be taken for granted. There are several reasons behind them. Some of them are listed below.

Dental and Gum Disease

Dental and gum diseases can be the biggest problem of a dog. It causes so many agonies and painful experiences for the fury friend, including bad smell of course. The reason behind the awful odor is probably because the teeth of the dog have rot or the gum has swollen. This condition should be treated medically instead of using dog bad breath home remedy.

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Kidney Disease

One of the most common reasons behind the question of “Why does my dog’s breath smell so bad?” is because the disgusting urine smell coming out of the dog mouth. If the bad smell you consider bad is the urine, ammoniac-like smell, the dog is probably having problem with the kidney.

When the dog’s kidney is not in a good condition, they will not be able to work properly, including filtering the urine. As the result, sometimes the urine leaks everywhere inside the dog’s body, causing its odor to ooze from the dog’s mouth. This is a serious condition that needs medical treatment.


The less serious and life threatening reason behind dog’s bad breath smell is because of the food he has eaten. Dogs sometimes get attracted to disgusting food, too, including the rotten ones in the garbage or trash can. When they eat trash or something bad smelled, surely their breath will be bad as well.

If food is the reason why the breath smells so bad, you can easily take care of the problem by brushing the teeth of the dog immediately. Use strong dog toothpaste that will eliminate the bad odor of the dog’s mouth. You can also feed them with regular dog food to get rid of the smell first.

Those are some of the most common reasons why bad odor can ooze from the dog’s mouth. If they smell really bad, you should totally bring the dog to the vet so that further treatment can be done about the bad smell. That way, you will no longer wondering and wailing about “Why does my dog’s breath smell so bad?”

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